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Baby, it’s cold outside

14 April 2011

I stood outside in my long pyjamas to see if I could gauge how cold 48F was. It didn’t seem that bad. Stick with the shorts. Ok, I did put on two long sleeved tops – I am not that crazy. I went out with the bike and thought, “Ooh, it’s a tad cold!” Did I come back in for leggings? No, I did not.

The first climb warmed me up but when I was flying down the first downhill I realised how cold it was. The second climb fully warmed me up. I still cannot descend Motor Parkway fast. I think I am topping 33mph when normally I am approaching 40mph. I am not sure what is slowing me down. I think my approach is up there. I may take the Trek out tomorrow to see if it’s me or the bike.

Today I wanted to beat Tuesday’s time. I was really pushing it. I think I was on target. COnsidering I ended up being four seconds slower, I definitely was on target. What slowed me down? I got stuck behind a school bus coming back down Motor Parkway. Nightmare scenario. A bus on the other side of the road only makes you stop once, a bus on the same side makes you stop every time. I had to stop twice and pedalled really slowly. I think I could have cracked the time by a minute. I’ll never know.

Anyway, I think I have done enough speed work. I need to get some miles under my belt so I’ll be back on the longer rides next week.


#328 Bus – your time is coming soon

19 January 2010

Twice in one week and at the same corner.