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The picture of a thousand words

7 April 2011

If a picture paints a thousands words, how many seconds does a red light steal? You have the deceleration, the stopping, the waiting for the computer to realise you’ve stopped and then the acceleration. It has got to be a waste of twenty seconds, easily.

So today, no wind. I mean, zero wind. Flags weren’t fluttering in the breeze. Leaves weren’t even arustling [is that a legit word?]. So I went to beat my time of yesterday. I was ahead after doing the two short hills and then somehow I must have switched off because I came in twenty seconds behind. My mind goes back to the turn on to Motor Parkway. I was waiting for a car to pass in the opposite direction before I turned left but it kept slowing and slowing. I hadn’t realised the lights had changed so quickly and that he was stopping for a red light. I must have wasted a century or two there. Then a red light on Terry Road. I rarely hit that red light. It is the last one before home. It was stopped at this light that I began working out how much time difference a red light can make to a time.

But I think the main difference was yesterday’s top speed was 35mph. Today’s was only 31mph. I knew going down Motor Parkway I was not hitting top speed and I think that is the difference between a fast ride and a slow one. Wet roads must be making me more cautious going downhill. Oh well, tomorrow, I’ll go all out.


Longest short ride of the year

21 February 2011

Yesterday, I was itching for a ride. However, it wasn’t until 1 o’clock before I got around to doing anything about it. I was busy working on Dive Club stuff that I am way behind schedule on!! Then when I got to start getting ready for the bike ride, I couldn’t believe how long it took to get ready having to pile on the layers!

I knew the route I was going to take was the one where I go along the service roads of I-95 and drive around Lake Ronkonkoma. It has been a while since I did that ride because I consider it a 40km ride and the 40 km ride down Nichols and up Vets is so much faster that I prefer to do it. The beginning of the ride was faster than my last ride out that I started feeling good about the ride. Currently I feel as if I am so out of shape. The month I took off after the op, plus December I was away for three weeks, I haven’t done much riding since November. My cycling legs are definitely on vacation.

But then I hit the wind. Going down Motor Parkway was a chore. Riding up Ocean was a chore. Riding down Motor Parkway the other way was a chore. Riding down Vets was a chore. Going around Lake Ronkonkoma and Portion Rd was beneficial but those moments were all too brief. I think of all the winds, the North wind is the least favourable. It was blowing well yesterday but not as bad as Saturday. The trees were bent over then.

My time was slow. Very slow. I averaged 13.1 mph. Ok, the wind was a big factor but this is slow. I am trying not to act worried but I need to step up to the plate. Of course, I am also on a low-carb diet. I am seeing how my body reacts to that. I may need to start eating carbs when I am out on the ride. We’ll see how that goes.