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Oh little spider

18 February 2011

For my first bike ride since the operation, I was a bit apprehensive. I haven’t as much as even rode inside and was a bit concerned how the crown jewels would react. They were fine until about 12 miles into the ride though I don’t know if that was kidney pain or just the muscles of my admin.

A Spider's Journey

The spider being bounced around

I had a passenger for today’s ride. Not for all the way, unfortunately. When I was “flying” down Townline, I looked down at my handlebars and saw that there was this spider enjoying the breeze. It was grabbing on to a piece of its silk, a few inches from the handlebars. When I started going along the flat on Townline, it scampered back up the silk line and caught its breath on the handlebars. The next bump I came to it was back on the line again. Coming up to the traffic lights it was able to make it back to relative safety. As I was climbing the hill by the landfill (no, not St. James’ Park!), I lost sight of it. I was going to stop at the top and put it in my saddlebag. Needless to say, I did not go back looking for the spider. I do hope it is all right in its new home. The episode reminded me of Kate Bush’s A Coral Room when she sings, “Oh little spider climbing out of a broken jug”. I like spiders.

On to the ride. It was fairly warm: 43F when I set off. The snow still creeps out on to the sides of the road and there is a lot of salt on the road. It is positively boiling hot now!! I was fine for the most part. My time was still down but that is only to be expected. It was, however, quicker than the last time I did the route in January. I made sure of that. 🙂 I still have a little twinge on my side but I’ll stretch that out later today. I am back out again tomorrow and will be doing a ride with the bike club. They will be taking a break somewhere so I am in a quandry about whether to take my own food, as I imagine wherever they stop will only have cereal based offerings. What do you say? I was going to take out the Specialized but with all that salt on the road, I’ll be taking Trekkie.


By heck, that were a cold ride

11 January 2011

I had forgotten what sub freezing temperatures felt like when riding.  How could I have forgotten the initial pain on my face and forehead?  How could I have forgotten how the legs never warm up?  Somehow, I had.

With six inches of snow forecasted for tonight, today was the last chance of going outside for some time.  I haven’t cleared our driveway, there’s only an inch of snow on there, so I walked the bike down to the road.  The road was clear, for the most part.  The roads were actually pretty good and there were no icy patches that I had to be aware of.  No traffic problems either; I guess the two lights on the bike helped there.

My work effort was hard.  I was determined to beat last week’s time.  I did, but I felt powerless to put in any sort of effort.  It was too hard to really push myself.  It felt like I didn’t have the energy.  I am sure that is not just the cold but I will find out when I do an indoor session tomorrow.

Rain and snow have got to go…

27 February 2010

February has been a tough month.  There has been plenty of rain and plenty of snow.  I am struggling to get in my 300 miles for the month but if I pull out the plug for the next four days I can make it.  Yes, my month does not exactly start on the 1st and is governed by the 300 miles in 30 days challenge sitting on MapMyRide.  So as we drove back from sushi on Friday night, the snow was falling very lightly, the roads looked clear and as I drove by the two hills I usually cycle up I couldn’t help but notice they were fairly clear.  I prayed for a night without much snow. (more…)

What’s your cycling rhythm to Abba?

11 February 2010

Ten inches of snow fell since Tuesday evening so it was no surprise that I have not been cycling outside.  I didn’t go cycling yesterday preferring to get acquainted to a couple of bottles red. 😉  We did clear the driveway between snow fronts so worked out a little there.  Today was back on the indoor trainer.  Rather than cycling to music videos on MTV or VH-1 I went for a movie – Mama Mia of them all.  Really the choice was very limited.  And I couldn’t really get a rhythm going to the songs – just not perfect pedalling tunes.  I must say that the time seemed to pass by quickly however the pace was not as quick as it has been when cycling indoors.  I was half thinking that I had tightened up the flywheel too much and the friction was heavier than normal but who knows.  I will see if I can adjust that tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ll be back outside before next week yet.  Maybe in time for President’s Day.

What’s this?

3 February 2010

I woke to find the roads looking like this…

Snow covered roads

How am I supposed to go cycling this morning?  Boo!!  I never thought I would ever say I don’t want to see snow but I guess here I am and saying that, I don’t want to see snow this morning.  The temperature is around 27F so hopefully it will rise a few degrees and be gone by lunchtime.  If not, I will go cycling in the den.