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Namaste for me and one for you

13 October 2011

Finally, after years of neglect, I got the not so old Specialized out for the short ride to Yoga. Of course it was raining out, and dark, so I had to prepare for that. And the tyres were a little bit soft. Could I find the connectors for my two rear side lights? Nope. Could not. I don’t know where they are. I found one broken one but it was of no use. That meant I had to put the big pannier on the back as that has the remaining light tied on. Then I had to thread the wiring for the dynamo light and with my fingers still not fully recovered from France, that was fiddly. I even had to go upstairs for my glasses so I could see the connector for the wire. Getting old really sucks!!

Finally I was ready to set off. This was my first exercise since the diet started Wednesday last week. Getting in shape for a triathlon next year so need to get down to a running weight which is a lot less than my cycling weight. Once half the weight has gone then I’ll start running a couple of times a week.

So, back on the bike. This was my second time out on the bike since France. I have done CTS a number of times but the bike is stationary and I don’t have to worry about my balance. Going down our street, I felt the fact that I hadn’t been on the road in a while with the darkness only highlighting the unfamiliarity. The legs took some time to get going and the diet, with its 1,000 calories per day max, made the legs feel heavy. However, I was soon back in the swing of things, if not exactly breaking any speed records.

Yoga was delicious. It was good to be back on the mat which had been rolled up and tied up with the belt ever since I got back from the last session in May. The stretches felt really, really good. My body needed them. More yoga!!

Coming back I have always gone more slowly than when I am going to yoga. It seems like my legs are still in namaste and don’t want to do any more work. Tough! They need to get me home.

I have missed cycling and will be climbing back on board again soon.


Yoga, huh, what is it good for?

14 April 2011

Those deep forward lunges had my thighs burning tonight. I honestly thought they were cooking but I loved the feeling I was getting from them too. Maybe I shouldn’t go so deep. I am not the deepest in the class by a long shot so I do have some way to go. Happy Baby pose was very happy tonight.

Cycling back from the class my legs felt very heavy. All I could think of was the ride in the morning on Trekkie. I am going for a fast spin down Motor Parkway – hope my legs are up for it!!

The Yoga Thursday Run

24 March 2011

Thursdays are yoga days. When Alma doesn’t go, I cycle there. It is only ten minutes to get there so not too challenging on the old legs. The yoga feels wonderful and when those hamstrings are stretched, it is the most delicious of things. This Thursday coincided with a CTS training day. I haven’t blogged about them yet (I will) but during yoga, it was great to feel all the heaviness of the legs being drained. It was like turning on a tap. However, coming back along Townline, I was thinking of going out again in the morning but the further I went along Townline, I felt the energy in my legs disappear and reverted back to the idea of two days rest now. Next ride on Sunday and I have to change my schedule to incorporate the twice weekly CTS. With the first brevet next wekeend, I may only do one CTS next week. I’ll see how I am on the Sunday ride to see how I will be the following week.

Gripping my horse!

8 March 2011

Darned mechanical bits!! Three miles into the ride my saddle decides to play up and allows my fat derrière to shift the angle. Instead of it being slightly tilting downwards to the front it shifts angle completely and points to the sky and tilts backwards. This has the effect of moving my bum backwards thus adding a greater force to the rear of the saddle which results in re-inforcing the desire for the saddle to point to sky. I get off the bike in order to fix it. Not wanting to move, I have to get my allen keys out, remove the saddle bag and then undo the screw to allow me to switch the saddle back. With two pairs of gloves on, it wasn’t easy.

I eventually get it done and start cycling again. A couple of miles further down the road, or perhaps a different road, I feel the saddle shift again. SLy old dog that it is, it only shifts a couple of degrees but it is enough for me to feel and notice. Then another couple. Then another. Eventually, it is very noticeable but it seems to have reached a point where it stopped shifting. I decided I could live with it.

Nicely protected form the northerly wind, I eventually come around to Vets which is slightly uphill but a fast road nonetheless. Not today! With the saddle making me shift my weight backwards, this is definitely the wrong posture for climbing. It gets steeper as I approach the railroad track before I-495 and I begin cursing the saddle. After the Interstate, the road climbs again before beginning a nice descent. I find it easier to stand on the pedals but a red light puts paid to that idea. I reach the top and begin my descent. I am on Townline now and have only one little climb before the reaching my home street. What an uncomfortable ride it had been. Poor Trekkie!!

All the while, I am thinking of my yoga class as I grip my horse. Emily would be proud of me!!

Rode to Yoga on Earth Day

22 April 2010

The objective for today was to not use any more electricity than what it takes to run the house.  I used electricity for the computers and the refrigeration device.  Everything else was off or not used.  I had yoga today so I had to figure out a way to carry the yoga may.  I tied the yoga strap around the top and the bottom of the rolled mat and slung it over my shoulder.

Fashioning the yoga mat

Do I wear it well?

I tried to be a cow during the ride so that the mat would sit snug along my spine but I am afraid that didn’t work and I ended up being a cat with my back bent.  So much for being a yogi!!

It was dark when I came out and I got my first chance at doing some night riding.  It felt strange not wearing sunglasses – that’s how I used to ride all the time in England – I never wore glasses.  Now I go out at all times of the day wearing them.  I had enough light to see the state of the road on the straight but going around corners felt a little bit freaky.  The road is kept in the shadow and pot holes are not noticeable.  That is something I will bear in mind when I do the 300k early next month.  That starts at 4 in the morning.

Earth Day 2010

21 April 2010

Cycle for Earth Day

Don't forget to cycle and recycle on Earth Day

For Earth Day tomorrow, I shall not be using the car at all and will not be cooking any food.  I shall be using electricity as I have to work but other than that, no additional energy.  I shall be cycling to yoga also; I’ll let you know how I get on as I have a bunch of stuff to carry.

What are you doing?

Yoga effects

16 April 2010

I am sure the benefits of Yoga will manifest themselves over time but last night’s Yoga session left me without any core power in my legs this morning. The yoga session itself was “delicious”, as Emily puts it, but afterwards, there was nothing my legs could give. They didn’t feel like I had been cycling all day, there wasn’t that tiredness to them. It was just as if they had nothing to give.

I went on a 40km bike ride and it was like I had no extra oomph needed at certain parts of the course.  I felt for sure I was going to record a slow time.  As it was, I recorded a faster time than the first two 40ks but slower than the previous one which had been fast.  I wasn’t too disappointed in that.

No rain so didn’t test the fenders.

Back indoors

25 January 2010

The weather was pretty bad today, howling winds and driving rain.  I got ready to start cycling indoors when I noticed that the Garmin was not picking up the heart rate monitor.  We had no spare batteries so I changed and went out to get some from the local shop.  They had none.  I finally found some at the third shop and I bought enough for all our devices.  However, by the time I got back home it was too late to start training and to shower before work started.  Work kept me occupied all day so I couldn’t nip on the bike at lunchtime and I ended up doing 20km just before yoga this evening.  The yoga was a nice work out on the muscles after the ride.  Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow.

Yoga at home

18 January 2010

Due to it being Martha Luther King day (does anyone, apart from the schools and the postie have the day off?), Yoga was cancelled this evening so Alma conducted a private lesson in our living room. She pushed me harder than the beginner classes we are attending and by the time we came to Savasana, I was ready to snore all through my meditation. 😛 I think we are going to try a hot yoga session on Wednesday evening.

No bike ride this morning – weather was pretty bad, driving rain and a howling wind. Prospects look good for the morning however.

Yoga – feel the force within

4 January 2010

This was my first ever yoga session.  It is something I have always wanted to do but never did.  I was greatly looking forward to it and I was not disappointed.  I was the only man in the class but as I was at the front I did not notice this much.  From Siddhasana to Savasana it was a pleasant experience.  When we came up slowly, one vertebra at a time, from the bent over poses, I was reminded of the Mime classes I took back in my 20s.  The teacher remarked on one of my postures, in a positive way, but I did not let it go to my head.  I had a bit of trouble with Vrksasana when only balancing on my right foot.

I am looking forward to the next few Mondays as we repeat the classes.  I enjoyed it so much I went to check out where they have hot yoga and I found a place that does it Wednesday nights.  I would like to try that out!!