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Feeling the effects

23 January 2010

With hindsight, I guess it either wasn’t a good idea to go drinking last night or not a good idea to go cycling at lunchtime. I enjoyed last night so I guess it wasn’t a good idea to go out cycling today. 🙂

It was actually a nice day for a ride.  Barely a cloud in the sky and just above freezing temperatures.  Breakfast stayed down so I decided a couple of hours later it was a good time to go riding.  The first couple of hills were not too bad and it wasn’t until I actually was climbing one of the less strenuous climbs that I felt a little sick.  I still had another twelve miles to go with the steepest climb left to do so I just stuck it out.  The steepest ascent was quickly climbed and I ended up doing the ride two minutes faster than last week.  That still is not much of an improvement when I think with my slicker tyres and warm sunny days, I was doing the ride twelve minutes quicker than today’s time.

Tomorrow I will be going down Route 25A a bit further still.  I don’t think there will much change in elevation, with the additional mileage, but we shall see.  Off to get some sushi now and no drinking!!